Bedroom Makeovers

"Where imagination has no limits”

SDSN's Dream rooms are here to give children with Special Needs an amazing space where they can grow and learn.

Our amazing volunteers work very hard to design and build an AWESOME FUN space suitable for the specific needs of each child.

We all know growing up we spend a good majority of our lives in bed and in our bedrooms. Unfortunately for some special needs children, it's way more than others. Because of this, we at “SDSN” feel honored to have this opportunity to make it more than a room but a getaway of sorts, a sanctuary an ADVENTURE, a place where children can grow, learn, develop and imagine every possibility. Where a handicap is nothing that will hold them back.

SDSN Kids Bedroom Makeovers

The Amazing Maya

She loves her new purple elephant bedroom!

Gotta Have Faith

Faith has a love for Disney Princess movies, check out her rainbow room!

3dward The Gamer

Ed is an avid Gamer and is crazy about his X-Box themed gaming room!

Chace The Avenger

This amazing boy's love for superheros was the inspiration for his room.

Thomas Kids Bedrooms

Charlize's Bedroom

Check out Charli's Frozen and Teenage room makeover.

Cannon's Room

This Toy Story room was one of our favorites that we have done.

Kaitlyn's Room

Our little princess's baby butterfly room.

Cohen's DC Room

This boy is in love with his Justice League room!


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Spokane Valley, WA 99037
PHONE: (509) 868-5044


TAX ID 47-3082458

SDSN is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt nonprofit approved organization based in Spokane, WA that was founded in 2015 by Corey and Katie Thomas.

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