Faith’s SDSN Kids Bedroom Makeover

Gotta Have Faith

Faith was born with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and Global developmental delay. She was adopted by her amazing family at the age of 2. Faith is now 12 and lives at home with the Mom and Dad and 7 other siblings. Faith has a love for Disney Princess movies, arts and crafts, spending time with her family and also is an avid reader. She especially loves her Harry Potter books. Her favorite colors are blue and purple and her favorite foods are pizza and crackers with hummus and granola bars.

Faith loves her American Girl dolls, playing soccer and volleyball with siblings and friends. She also really loves animals. She told us she wants to work with animals when she grows up. When we asked Faith what she thinks about her special needs she told us “it’s all good.”

Gotta Have Faith - Deletion Syndrome & Global Developmental Delay

The Reveal

Faith did say that she struggles with expressing herself and what she wants with her words but in this case she had no problem telling us what she would like to have in her SDSN bedroom makeover.

Not only did we get to do a room for Faith but she shares her room with her 4 year old sister and best friend Malinda. So we had to find a happy medium between a 13 year old and a 4 year old and I think we nailed it.

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Our Bedroom Makeover Plan

We took Faith’s favorite colors and added in the rest of the rainbow as well. We found this beautiful rainbow wall mural that adds so much to the room. We know how much the girls love getting all dolled up with their mom’s makeup so we found a super cute vanity with a soft pink storage stool to go with it.

The girls love to do arts and crafts so we made them a duo desk for them both to sit together and let their imaginations go wild. On their sliding mirror closet we put dandelion decals with their wishes they made blowing away in hopes for one day to come true.

We also gave the girls dresser a new modern upgrade to match the room. both Faith and Melinda got matching platform beds with a bunch of storage for clothes or toys. One of Faith’s favorite things to do is read so we were excited to get her a hanging chair swing that she can cuddle up in and escape into any book she is currently reading.

The biggest hit of the room was the girls hideout fort with a purple beaded entry and LED lights inside that they have control cover what color they want flashing. One of my favorite pieces of the room was the 1000 piece puzzle my wife had gotten made that has a picture of the whole family in it.

Extra Surprises

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SDSN Boxes

Of course to finish the room we have our signature SDSN boxes on each bed for the girls, filled with lots of fun stuff like princess Snuggies with the girls names on them, glow in the dark stars for the girls to decorate their room with, a SDSN shirt for both of them, a framed picture drawn by our special needs son Chace and enough free Baskin and Robbins gift card for them to be able to take their whole family out for ice cream.

We had an amazing crew that had so much fun being apart of this build for these two young ladies and we feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to bring even more happiness into the home of this amazing family.

The Build

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The Crew

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Faith's Bedroom Makeover Video


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