3dward’s Gamer SDSN Kids Bedroom Makeover

3dward the Gamer

Edward was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 5 which had become a life-changing event. He had struggled with confidence, paying attention to his levels and having to wake up to his sugar levels alarms going off.

Ed is now a smart artistic and well-behaved 13-year-old young man. Since then he has learned to manage his own medication on a day-to-day basis with the help of “Mark 2.0’“ which he named his diabetic life kit. Ed lives at home with his Mom, Dad, older brother and sister, and one younger sister. He loves burgers, bacon, peanut butter ritz crackers, and popcorn.

Edward the Gamer - Type 1 Diabetes

His favorite movies are Diehard, The A-Team, and Wreck it Ralph. Ed loves to read, collect Skylander figures and is an avid Gamer. Edward works very hard in school and even went out for the wresting team and was able to kick some butt but only when his sugar levels allowed him to do so. He looks forward to becoming an Engineer when he gets older.

The Reveal

We wanted to do something cool and modern and more age appropriate for this 13 year old. A place where his siblings and friends can enjoy in on the fun with him. So we decided to give this amazing kid a X-Box themed gaming room which we knew he’d go crazy about.

Edward the Gamer - Bedroom Makeover Reveal
Edward the Gamer - Bedroom Makeover Reveal
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Extra Surprises

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Our Bedroom Makeover Plan

We were able to get him a bigger bed to were his feet wouldn’t hang over the edge with a bookcase head board. We got a new dresser and desk to match. Not only did he get a new gaming desk chair with X-Box colors but we also found a gaming floor chair that is bluetooth compatible with his gaming system.

We were able to give Ed way more storage in his upgraded closet that could hold all his clothes and medications. One of our favorite finds was a new mini fridge that we put next to his bed. We filled it with juice boxes and water bottles. We might have thrown in a few Recess Peanut butter cups in the fridge as well.

The coolest part of the room was the brick wall covered in gaming posters and graffiti of his gamer tag name accompanied by a flat screen the swivels around with all his gaming systems on their own shelves.


To top it off we leave our signature SDSN box on the bed filled with our merch, gift cards to his favorite store and a collector piece to add to his collection of gamer stuff and of course a picture drawn by our special needs son Chace. The SDSN crew had so much fun with this room and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to do this for such an incredible kid.

The Build

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The Crew

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The Before

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The Before

Edward The Gamer Bedroom Before


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