Chace’s Avenger SDSN Kids Bedroom Makeover

Chace The Avenger

Chace is an amazing little boy who’s excited smile can light up an entire room. He is the sweetest little boy that had such a rough start to life. Chace was diagnosed with a rare form of brain damage called KERNICTERUS which means brain damage due untreated high newborn JAUNDICE. Kernicterus is 100% preventable. A few days after he was born, Chace had to have a double volume blood transfusion to bring down the high jaundice levels and had to be resuscitated during the transfusion. To learn more about Kernicterus go to

Chace The Avenger Bedroom Makeover - Rare Brain Damage

The Reveal

Chace also has CHOREOATHETOSIS which is a type of CEREBRAL PALSY that causes movement disorders. This was also due to the high jaundice levels. Chace also lost most of his hearing from the jaundice. The name of the hearing deficit he has is called AUDIO NEUROPATHY.

He is now 7 years old and just a ball of fun to be around! Chace greets everyone with a smile and a “my name is Chace Thomas.” Chace’s love for superheroes is astounding. His own superhero name is “Captain POW.” He loves playing dress up in all of his costumes pretending to fly around the house while saving the damsel in distress "his older sister Charlize" and having his side kick next to him "his little brother Cohen."

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The Build

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Working Hard

Chace attends a special needs class where he gets help with OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, PHYSICAL THERAPY and SPEECH THERAPY. Chace also attends YOUTHFUL HORIZON where he receives help with OT and Prompt Speech. He works very hard every time to earn something out of the prize box. We are so proud of him.

We wanted to give Chace a room where he could enjoy everything superhero themed and also a place where his siblings could come in and share the excitement with him. We decided to do an Avenger themed room for this amazing little boy. Not only did he get his Tony Stark work shop he also got the Avengers tower where he can sleep peacefully.

The Shelf

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The Walls

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Chace has the wall padded around his bed to protect him from his severe headbanging/rocking. Ever since he was a little baby the damage to the sensory part of his brain causes him to rock and head bang violently into the wall/floor. He seems to get the sensory awareness he is looking for to calm him self down so he can fall asleep.

We also built him an upper bunk with a slide and rope attached to not only help him with his strength training and coordination but also a place where his sibling can have a sleep over with him. We also gave Chace a collection of hero costumes for all of his crime fighting needs.;)

We built him a cubby hole hanging rack which is essential for every superhero to hold all of their weapons and masks to get the bad guys. This room was so fun to build and so well deserved. He’s truly our inspiration and our little superhero.



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